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Back to Aries rising. Well, with Aries rising, Moon in cap is in the 9th house, sagg , and the sun is the 5th house Leo.

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We may need a fire extinguisher after all. So, Uranus in the 7th or 8th? Gotta read up on that. Where did you get it? If it was in the books I must have overlooked it Do you mean Mars the power planet would stay in the 4th house of family. Interesting that it's nurturing Cancer, very family-like. Chiron is in the 1st house of identity, but Venus and Jupiter would both be stuck in a strong 6th house of daily life.


I don't know how that fits her. Well, Mars is stuck in Cancer anyway Puts Mars into the 11th house of friendships. I quite like this chart. Leo and Sagittarius strong, Fire strong Earth weak - and 1st, 3rd, and 5th house strong.

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Identity; communication and siblings; creativity, lovers and hobbies. Tom Riddle's diary is definitely hidden stuff.

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Leo and Sagg strong, Fire strong Earth weak. No comments at all about the Snape chart? Oh well, then it is just me I guess. There was a birthday greeting on JKR's website, including the date. I have to check that more often. That's how we got Nevilles bday, too. He's four years older that Harry so he was born in?

Does that sound right? No I am not suggesting that Voldemort is Harry's half blood brother. Or maybe Percy is a wookie? I haven't worked on this at all. The second is 1 pm in London. I kind of like the placements in the 1pm chart. Wish I could keep the moon in the eighth house and have the sun in the tenth I wouldn't have guessed he was a leo. Thought more of a Sagittarius. What is the sign of the "prat? Neptune in the first house could suggest that his self image is based on a fantasy. I think his brothers would agree. Sagg concerns medicine, law, higher education, theology, long distance travel, any or all of these may contribute to his fantasies about himself.

The seventh house moon is a problem. And Uranus in Scorpio in the twelfth should also give him some interesting fantasies.

He could be paranoid or deeply concerned about conspiracy theories. I guess hanging around with Fudge could have that effect. There may be other imaginative flights of fancy. I can see positive and negative Aquarian qualities in Sirius, but I agree, definitely Libra rising. I would almost call him a double Libra, Sun and Ascendant, with moon in Aries and with some heavy aspects.

Poor man never could achieve balance.

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In James I see Geminii and Aquarius. But a strong 7th house. Aries seems very strong for both Sirius and James. What is the sign for "Cool? Moon and or venus in 7th house. James is highly competitive, sagg or aries. Intellectually competitive, long story. But otherwise, his sense of humor suggests Geminii. Perhaps a geminii moon? Lily, like Ron, had a willow wand. She's strong and brilliant and has very high principles. With Leo rising, it could go into the eleventh or twelfth house.

Very cancer, but also Pisces. Something in His appearance reminds of Leo. For some reason, I have a sense of Cardinal signs. Cancer sun, Leo rising, Libra moon. Sorry there has to be a moon.

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He does seem the most emotionally balanced of the lot. I think there's some Virgo and Sagg. He was a fun teacher who could connect with teens and make lessons challenging and fun. A lot of life challenges, but he's always come through, with a little help from The moon is the planet that influences or reflects our emotions. Peacemaker, reluctant to rock the boat or chance controversy with friends. Would rather stretch the truth than take a chance on confrontation.

I've just been listening to GoF with the kids. In divination Trelawney tells Harry that she believes Harry is under the baleful influence of Saturn and that he was born in midwinter. She describes his hair and appearance and mentions the loss of his family at an early age. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn was considered to rule Aquarius. Is this a hint that Aquarius is Harry's ascendant? Harry and Ron are working on their charts, and Harry says he has two Neptunes. Ron makes jokes about dwarfs with glasses.